Circle Time!


To all the Heybridge Preschool Teachers. Thank you all for all you have done for Harley, he has had a great time with you all.


To all the teachers at Heybrdge Pre-School. Thank you for all the support and happy memories you have given Daisy and John. We will miss you all so very much.

Kimberly, John, Daisy and John

To all the wonderful ladies at Heybridge Pre-school. Thank you so very much for making Charlottes time at Pre-School so very happy! Wishing you all the very best.


To all you beautiful, kind ladies at Heybridge Preschool. Thank you for all the great years, both Kane and Haribo have been thru your pre-school and I must admit it brings a lump to my throat that I have done my preschool time with my children. I thank every one of you for making Harrison’s 2 ½ years with you very special. I for one will miss all of you; I hope Harrison’s time at big school is as joyful as preschool has been. Thank you again, big hugs, kisses and love!

Kiley, Martin, Morgan, Kane and Haribo

To all my friends at preschool
thank you so much for being such great friends and influences to both of our girls
with best wishes

Stacey and Jamie

Thank you so much for everything, alfie has come along leaps and bounds since starting with you and it is all down to your constant love and support, we will never forget you!

Claire and Alfie

Thank you for making my time at preschool so much fun. I have really enjoyed it and will miss you all.
Lots of love


Thank you – for all that you do with the children in the community

Diane and Ben

Thank you for making Lilly a happy Lilly

Mum and Dad

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support over the past 2 years. We have loved our time with you and will be very sad to leave!


To “Treasure”
I have loved having you as my special preschool lady and really enjoyed all my sessions with you. You are kind and caring, fun and clever and give me wonderful cuddles when I need them. My mummy appreciates that you are never too busy to talk to her and give so much of your time. I am looking forward to big school but will miss you lots and lots. I am a lucky girl to have had my special “treasure” all this time – you really are a diamond!!
Thank you for all your love help and support


Thank you for looking after me for the past year. I have had lots of fun and enjoyed making lots of things. I especially liked making the cakes and playing with the buggies. My favorite snacktime was when we made soup and I had 4 cupfuls! I have made lots of new friends and am looking forward to going to big school. Thank you once again.


“Thank you for being my lovely teacher at Heybridge Preschool. I will miss you all as I have had lots of fun with my friends and teachers. Now I am looking forward to being in Miss Smith’s class.”


“… are one in a million and the girls have been so fortunate to be under your wing and constant love and care while they have been been away. Without someone so nurturing and fun loving, I would have found it more of a wrench to leave them in your capable care. We are all so sad to be leaving this lovely preschool – made so special by ALL of the people who work here and take care of the children and plan all the lovely activities. We know they are ready for school – thanks to your input and I hope we bump into you out and about………”

Zoey and Simon

To all the staff
I would like to say thank you for being there for me and C through the difficult time we have been going through, giving us support, advice and just some one to talk to, thank you so much or being there


“ A big thank you and goodbye! I have had a lovely 2 years at preschool playing with friends and learning new things. You are all lovely teachers and made me feel very welcome”


To everyone at Heybridge Preschool
Thank you so much for all of you for everything that you have done to help A grow and get ready for big school. He thinks the world of you and wishes he could take you with him! It has given us peace of mind to know how happy and settled he is with all of you. We think you do an amazing job – Thank you

Kelle and Brian

To all the lovely ladies at Heybridge Preschool
Thank you so much for everything you have done for M and getting her ready for her next step to big school. I know she will miss you all very much as she has thoroughly enjoyed her first couple of years here at this preschool
Take care

Colin and Kerry

“ … have given my boy confidence, independence and a sense of humour!!!”


Thank you all so much for helping our ~~~~~ grow into such a big and confident little girl. She has come a long way since starting at preschool and is no longer a shy little girl. A special thanks to Anne for all you have done.
(ps no sharing your pressie with the children!)

Lisa and Mark

Thank you so much for taking care of ~~~~ over the past couple of years. He has loved every minute of it!

Kay and Craig

Thank you for everything you have done for me over the last 2 years. I am really going to miss you!


Thank you for looking after me (and the rest of my family) during my time at preschool. I will miss you very much but will come back to visit lots! Lots of love and hugs
PS Best of luck with my sister!


To all the lovely ladies at Heybridge Pre-school
Thank you for all your continued care and support with ~~~~! Have a great summer break! With love and best wishes

Katherine and Tim

Thank you to all the staff at Heybridge Preschool, I’ve had a lovely time here and will miss it very much.
Lots of Love


Thank you Carol and all the lovely ladies at Heybridge Preschool for your support in settling ~~~~ into preschool, which has been such a positive experience for ~~~~. We really notice how ~~~~is growing in confidence and always seems to have a “lovely time” with you all. Look forward to seeing you all in September

Louise and Tony

To all the wonderful preschool ladies
thank you for looking after me! Enjoy the chocolates…


To all the “girls” at Heybridge Preschool”
thanks for a great year. See you all in September for another one!

W and Kay

To all the Ladies
thank you so much for all your help and support. Thank you for letting me stay with J when she was unsettled and for all the confidence you gave her. Now I don’t have to worry too much when I send her to big school. You girls have done a lovely job. We will always remember you.
Agnes and J

Agnes and J

To all the playschool ladies!
Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given us both. We will miss you!
“I love my playschool!”


To all my lovely pre-school ladies,
thank you for helping me to grow, learn and create wonderful memories, you are all fantastic. I will miss you all lots!
Lots of love


Thank you for looking after me and making my 1st term at preschool so much fun! See you in September
lots of love


To all my preschool teachers
thank you for all of the help and fun we have had together


Thank you so much for all the care, support and patience you have shown T. He has always loved coming to preschool and we have watched him flourish under your guidance. He will miss you!

Katherine and Jim

To Gilly, Anne, Debbie, Trisha, Debbie, Carole Julie and Jayne…..
Thank you for being so wonderful!
love from
Sophie and family


Thank you for all your cuddles and Support

Kirsty and M

To Gilly, Thank you so much for all your help with *****, I know it was hard work but you did it. Thank you for all your cuddles you give **** when she was crying, and for teach **** English. And lots of time you spendwith her to helpbe confident. We could never cope without you. Thank you so much again, you are a great teacher, and me and **** always be remember you. Big kisses


Thank you for being such a great keyworker – see you in September

M 2016

For all your care and support of my son, forever in your debt. I couldn’t wish for a better teacher. We will miss you!
Thank you

JH 2016

Thank you for all your hard work and help over the last 2 1/2 years! We will miss you very much.

Amelia and Reuben 2016

“We know S picked you to be her keyworker so thank you for taking her under your wing! She will miss you greatly and we’ll be sure to bring her over for visits. Thank you for looking after our special girl.

R & L 2016

“Thank you for being the best teacher in the whole wide world”

Isla 2016

“ Thank you so much for playing with me, helping me learn and making my time at preschool so much fun. I will miss you.

Rupert 2016

“I have had a wonderful time at pre-school since I joined in January and I wish I could have come for longer. You made it a special time and happy memories for ever”

Tilly 2016

We cannot thank you enough for all your kindness, expertise and support over the last 2 years. We will miss you very much. You have offered so much insight and comfort to us when we were going through super difficult times. We feel very positive about ——- starting school and wouldn’t have done without your help in linking us with the necessary agencies and support.


“Thank you for all your help and cuddles, and letting me play with your earlobe (so soft!)

Jasmine 2016

Thank you for all the fun, learning and play over the last year – looking forward to next term already!

Rosalie 2016

“Thank you for looking after me and helping me grow. Thank you for all my cuddles we have enjoyed and all of the fun we have had together. You are a special lady

Freya 2016

Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last year.

Poppy 2016

Thank you all for giving both my girls the best preschool years ever. We will miss you all!

Bec & Tris 2016

Thank you for everything you have done for me in the last year. I will miss you all.

Lola 2016

I will miss you all!

Amy 2016

We would like to say a big thank you for all your help and support with ——-over the last couple of years. He has enjoyed every session and has grown in confidence and knowledge and finally knows his colours! —— has said he will miss you, but he cant wait to go to big school. I am glad he’s ready because I’m certainly not!

J & K 2016

“ thank you just doesn’t quite cut it!! ——- & ——— could not have had a better start to their education. We’ve said lots of times that sending your children to Heybridge Preschool is like joining a family (just without the bickering!). Thank you for nurturing and teaching our children. Thank you for being such huge supporters of ——- , her liver buddies and the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Thank you for your common sense and good advice. Lots of love and best wishes

Lisa and Richard

Thank you for being such a wonderful key worker to ——-. She has always enjoyed laughing with you, working with you and I know she will really miss you. Thanks again for everything.

Bec 2016

We would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely memories that you have given ………… over the ast 2 years!
She has come on so well in her confidence, and education since being there. We will miss you all but will see you all again soon when …… joins you!

K, J and EM

To all my teachers that care for me at preschool,
I would like to thank you all for making my time here feel welcome and now I LOVE IT!
Happy Mothers Day to you all

R Roo

To the best Teacher and friend Gilly
thank you for coming into my world and seeing me.
Lots of love and kisses


To our preschool family,
Thank you for all your help with H. We are very sad to be leaving you but excited for H’s new journey. This truely is the best preschool and it has been really lovely knowing you all.
lots of love
Heidi, Jade, James and Tyler xxx


Our Debs,
I can not quite find the words to thank you enough for everything you have done for S since she started and E when she was there. You have taught her so much and been such an amazing role model and your such a big part of S’s world she is going to miss you so much! It takes alot for a parent to trust someone else with their child but I always knew with you Sofia was in the best hands possible and for that we love you so much!

Laura and S

To all of you wonderful ladies at Heybridge Preschool,
you have all been so amazing and helpful beyond the call of duty this past year.
All the support you have given, not just to *****, but to our little family, has meant the world to us. You were the stability ***** needed when the proverbial hit the fan at home and have nurtured her uniqueness whilst being attentive to her needs. From the bottom of my heart – ‘thank you’


To everybody at Heybridge preschool
thank you so much for helping B to become the wonderful, dramatic, funny confident pain ;-0 small person she is!
Thank you


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