Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer

The aim of this document is to enable families to see the support that they will receive for their child in our setting. We identify children’s needs, give parents choice and control over support, collaborate between education, health and social care to provide support, we offer high quality provision to meet the needs of each individual, we follow legal framework, we have an established effective partnerships across education, health care and parents and we offer joint strategic assessments and decision making leading to joint delivery.

Heybridge Pre-school is an inclusive pre-school, valuing each individual child and family and may offer the following range of provision to support children with SEND. This offer is being developed and updated on a regular basis. We strive to meet the needs of our community.


Telling of social stories, friendship stop, jobs and responsibilities given to staff to alleviate unstructured time, one to one support when required, Family support and Health care plans.

Environment and equipment

New and improved IT facilities using a 65” smart tv, sensory room, individual specialist sensory equipment, ear defenders, new purpose built building with disabled facilities/easy access, signing practice, confidential meeting room, clean good quality child friendly equipment to support all areas of learning, well established transition procedure in place, home/school leaning journey.

Strategies to support S&L

Interventions and advice from speech and language therapists, experienced senco to deliver S&LT during session, use of visual strategies to support language, the use of simple sign, mentoring activities, keyworker and senco support.

Access to strageties/programs to support occupation therapy/physiotherapy.

Intervention from an occupational therapist, delivery of planned programs from Moulsham Grange, provision of equipment advised by specialist such as the provision of angled writing boards, standing frames, specialist chair, ear defenders.

Strategies to reduce anxiety/promote educational wellbeing (including communication with parents)

Planned program of support from manager and SENco, providing meetings for parents to discuss the needs of their child, specialist sensory equipment, meet and greet at the start of each session, regular parental contact sessions/home school like book, work with family support workers, advice from Educational Psychologist.

Strategies to support/ develop literacy.

Support from keyworker/Senco, home/school reading books, language rich environment, experienced staff (average 10 years experience pp), school linked phonics program.

Strategies to support behaviour

Use of pre-school behaviour policy, chill time, home school contact book, visual timetable, first /then method, praise/reward charts, referral to behaviour support team.

Planning and assessment

Observations, individual targets, one page profiles, extensive one planning evidence to support towards education health care plan, ieps, regular monitoring by keyworker and Senco, regular review of targets with parents.

Strategies to support numeracy

Experienced staff introducing mathematical language through play, stories and songs, visual aids, number rich environment, rhymes.

Strategies to support Independent learning

Assigned keyperson to liaise with parent to differentiate activities, resources and experiences adapting and supporting the child to archive.

Strategies to support Personal care

Purpose built building with child size toilets/wash basins/ coat pegs. All children are welcomed and together in partnership with parents we work towards the child’s next stage of development.

Liaison/communication with professionals/parents

Liaison with a wide range of professionals eg ed psyc, behaviour support, specialist teacher, S&LT, CAMHS, HV and transition schools. (Parents permission required)

Medical intervention.

Strategies for the use of personal medication, individual protocol for children with significant medical needs and allergies, provision of aids and resources to support learning.